Development Documents

Many documents and specifications for development within the boundaries of Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue (BWFR) are provided below for easy access and review. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our office at (303)644-3572. Each project is unique and may have requirements that are not addressed specifically on our website.

  • Development Application
    • This document should be completed and included for all plan review submissions to the fire department
  • Fire Department Access Road/Driveway Information
    • ​These documents provide information and specifications for roadway/driveway requirements
      • ​Arapahoe County - Appendix R
      • Adams County - 2018 IFC Appendix D
  • Fee Schedule
    • ​Provides information for various fees applicable to plan reviews, inspections, development, special events, etc.
  • Ordering Instructions for KNOX products
    • ​Quick access document for reviewing and ordering KNOX products for locking gates, electric gates, and buildings.
  • BWFR Fire Hydrant Specs
    • This document provides jurisdictional information on fire hydrants -including type, specifications, maintenance, and marking standards for development within BWFR boundaries.
  • BWFR Solar Development Guidelines
    • This document provides jurisdictional information on solar developments including submittal requirements, vegetation management plans, etc. for solar development within BWFR boundaries.
  • BWFR Fireworks Requirements 
    • This document provides jurisdictional information on the storage, use, and handling of fireworks, including “Fireworks Stands” and “Fireworks Sales Outlets” for applications within BWFR boundaries.
  • Appeals Guide
    • BWFR has an established process for all fire code appeal requests within the District’s jurisdiction. The appeals guide provides information required for an appeal and outlines the processes which have been established pursuant to the International Fire Code.Appeals are heard by a corresponding Fire Code Board of Appeals depending on the jurisdictional governing body: